Located in a quiet residential area in suburban Northwest Houston, Satellite Studios is a full-service audio production company dedicated to making an artist stand out and helping them find their own unique voice.  We want our clients to be heard by and be considered among the best, so we make sure our products meet the lofty expectations of today’s music industry.  Many of our clients have received radio play throughout the U.S. and Canada, and several have gone on to sign with various record labels and renowned management teams.

We have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service, following in the footsteps of our mother company, All About Music, Inc.  We provide ALL of our clients with the personal attention they deserve, and we are committed to taking the time to make sure every aspect of your project is how YOU want it to sound.

We now reside in a brand new 1700 square-foot facility designed by owner/producer JR Paredes (click here for bio) which provides clients with plenty of space to perform, to create, to relax, and to be inspired.




Phone: 281 890 4744

Mail: 11124 Cypress N. Houston Rd.

Houston, TX 77065

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“JR could make Helen Keller sound like Whitney Houston.”

-Ryan Korn of The Red Line ( )

“Hey JR, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You're a genius, man. That was certainly one of the best experiences of my life. And everyone's loved the E.P. so far.”

-Michael-Paul Wright (

“Got some original music you wanna record? Come see our guy JR at Satellite Studios and get the best sound around for the best price.”

-Fighting Gemini (

“JR... You are an incredible person! Thanks so much for working with us.  We are getting some cash together to go at it again! Can't wait!”

-Raul from Versus The Ascent (

“[Satellite Studios] is freaking amazing and we highly recommend recording there to any band. The service is great and the final product is amazing! thanx for all the hard work keep it up!”

-A Shot For Favor (

“We could not have asked for a more professional studio experience, dude. ROCK N ROOOOOLL!!!!!”

-The Rock Banned (




Satellite Studios owner JR Paredes recently travelled to the South of France to study music production and mixing with multiple Grammy-winning legends David Kahne and Michael Brauer... (READ MORE)